Hello friends I am Abhishek Singh. Today’s topic is very interesting. If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan, then get information about the history, tourist places, and art culture. So difficulties will not have to be faced during the journey. So I am telling you about Rajasthan.   which has a very big and important contribution to Indian history. Here very great brave kings and queens were born, who died fighting in the war for their valor and dignity and the protection of their land, but did not accept the subordination of the Mughals. And the women accepted Jauhar after the sacrifice of their husbands. My salute to those brave sons and mothers of Maa Bhavani. The name of that state is Rajasthan. It is the largest state in India by area. It is in the west of India, whose border is with Pakistan. Which is known as the red clip line. In its western part is the Thar Desert. Here is the Aravalli mountain range. Mount Abu. Dilwara Temples is a tourist place. Here Keoladeo National Park, Ranthambore, and Sariska Tiger Reserve are the main ones.


The old name of Rajasthan is Rajputana. Jaipur is its capital. The foundation of the Indus Valley Civilization was laid in Rajasthan. The Matsya kingdom of Mahabharata poetry is situated in this state. Which is also mentioned in the oldest Veda in the world, Rigveda. Where the Pandavas had spent their exile. In the medieval period, different dynasties of the Rajput ruled over different parts. Chittorgarh, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pratapgarh, Mewar, Bundi, Kishangarh, Kota, Alwar, and Jhalawar. Maharana Pratap, Ratan Singh, Rana Sanga, Maharaja Surajmal, Veer Tejaji, Maharaja Jawahar Singh, Maharawal Jaisal Singh, Man Singh Tomar, Prithvi Raj Chauhan etc. were known for their power and bravery. Devotees like Panna Dhai   Jogni like Meera, and Karma Bai who fed khichdi to Lord Jagannath Ji have great pride here.


When you travel to Rajasthan, you will get information about the culture. It is a symbol of unity in diversity as this state has been ruled by Rajputs, Marathas, Muslims and various kings over the years. As a result, there is a diverse culture here. Despite being a Thar desert in Rajasthan, there is a very beautiful place and fort here. Atithi Devo Bhava is a part of the culture here. That is, guests are God. Treats them well and encourages them to come again. Here every year camel fair is celebrated in Pushkar, Bikaner and different parts of Rajasthan. Camel is called the ship of Rajasthan. Camel race competition is organized here. And camel dance is done for entertainment.
Jaipur is called the Pink City. It is the capital of Rajasthan. Jaipur is famous for grand forts, palaces and beautiful lakes, marble sculptures and footwear. If you are going to visit Rajasthan then you would love to visit these places. Here you will get to see big forts of kings, whose architecture and beauty will mesmerize you. Following are the famous tourist places of Rajasthan:-
1. Hawa Mahal built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh
2. City Palace
3. Amer Fort
4. Albert Museum
5. Sisodia Rani Bagh
6. Government Central Museum
7. Jal Mahal is a palace situated in the middle of Mansagar Lake.
8. Kanaka Vrindavan
9. Keoladeo National Park
10. Mehrangarh Fort
11. Ranthambore National Park
12. Jodhpur State
13. Udaipur City of the Lake
14. Pushkar Temple
15. Mount Abu
16. Ajmer Sharif Dargah
17. Chittorgarh Fort
18. Kumbhalgarh
19. Alvari
20. Churu
21. Sikri

When you visit Rajasthan, you will see that the cities have been built in the hills by the kings. Which was called Durg. The construction of the fort was such that it was impossible to be conquered by the enemies.

hawa mahal, palace of winds, building-4697399.jpg
Hawa Mahal
Jal Mahal
Chittorgarh Fort


If you are planning to travel to Rajasthan, then first of all you will think that how to go to Rajasthan. So today I am going to tell you how to go to Rajasthan. The state capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. So you plan to go to Jaipur from your home town. Train, road and air are available in Jaipur. So you can go to Jaipur from your home town through any one of the three modes. After that, you can travel all over Rajasthan by taxi or bus and enjoy the journey.

Jaipur jn.
Jaipur Airport

conclusion:- From this, it is concluded that Rajasthan has been inhabited since 4000 BC. The evidence of this is found in the city of Kalibanga of the Indus Valley Civilization which is located in Rajasthan. The vast state of the Mahabharata period is in Rajasthan. Which is mentioned in the Rigveda. Where the Pandavas had spent their unknown abode. After that Rajasthan was ruled by many states in the medieval period. Who built a very big and grand fort, which protected him from enemies. Which is still visible today. The culture here is famous all over the world. The credit of which goes to many rulers here. If you are planning a trip here, then you will get a lot of information related to the art culture as well as the forts of the kings, and their lives. You can get experience by riding a camel in the desert. The view of the desert is very beautiful on a full moon night. The entire desert appears to be painted red by the light of the moon. The people of Rajasthan use a dhoti kurta and turban on the head. Women use a sari blouse and chunari on their heads. If you are planning to travel to Rajasthan then you will get the experience of soul travelling. Thank you

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