Our Mission

I like to travel . I want to spend hours admiring the  beauty of nature in all over country . encourage people to see the beauty of nature.

Traveling, Blogging, Creating video are my passion . When you are going on a trip or planning to travel, it is a very important to have information about the place . How will be the way ? How will there be hotel ? What will you get in food? What will the weather be like ? What documents and things are required in travel ? If someone wants to travel that place, then by which transport he can easily go in less cost.  How much money will be spent during the trip. Through the video i would like to inform you about these things .My mission to show the beauty of that place where you are going to visit through my video and describe the beauty of that place and encourage people to visit .

Extraordinary Experiences

Attending Ganga Arti in Varanasi . A group of saint conduct this ceremony. A lot of lamps  are lit during the aarti and different type of song sung of Maa Ganga by  the priests. 

Thousands of people gather to watch this Ganga Aarti ceremony by the end of ceremony , thousand of small oil lamps floating on the river that would look like n.umerous stars on the water

Our Core Values

Our mission is to provide outstanding travel experiences for people with an adventurous spirit. Boundless Journeys core value are our guiding principles that we check ourselves against every time we make a decision.